28. února 2010 v 18:23 | Kamoška pre mna zlozila asen je to o mne a justinovi :))DIki Janča na toto ti nikdy nerzabudnem JE KRááSN!!bodaj by to raz bola pravda..
I am just walking throught the city on Saturday morning
And everything I see are just happy people drawing.
"Auch!"I suddenly fell in the hole
Now i feel opened pain in my soul.

I am just lying on my back looking on the sky
Then someone fell next to me, I am asking "Why?"
but when i look there s Justin next to me
he is asking me, if i his girl want to be.

I want to spend with him my life
I always wanted to be his wife
And when our lips gets together
I wish this could last forever.

His beautifully brown eyes
I can see them for thousand miles
Now, I love Justin more
like i ve ever done before.

Here he is, his smile
more beautifully then butterfly
flying throught the sky
Oh Justin, you are only mine.

Yeah, Justin is my boyfriend now
I can scream is loudly!! "How?"
Asked me one girl with anger in her face
"Simply!" we always were the cutest souple with grace.

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